Activate Your Authentic Marketing!
From Fake Promotion to Authentic Marketing
This class will help you replace fake promotion with authentic marketing.
Instead of struggling to match or exceed the exaggerated benefits and outright lies of the competition, why not stand out from the crowd ... by showcasing your true self?
The video lessons will help you build the foundation for future success. 
This foundation will support relevant strategies for marketing your services.
If you have been self-employed long enough to have achieved some solid results, the class will help you build on these successes.
Marketing veteran? ... discover opportunities to generate even more new business!
Marketing Aligned With Your Authentic True Self
In a nutshell, this class will help you make your marketing authentic. 
It is not is not about reaching completion.
Nor is it about achieving perfection.
It’s about planting seeds  and shifting your mindset: generating more new business by being true to your authentic self.
As a result, you will distinguish yourself in your marketplace and stand out from the competition.
Your distinctiveness will help attract more ideal clients, the kinds for people whom you love to serve … and are really good at satisfying.
You may not feel distinctive right now and that’s OK.
The class will help you work with what you have and move to towards what you want.
Just imagine the outcome … you as an attractive, distinctive service professional attracting all of the ideal clients that you want … and can manage.

How Effective Is Your Current Marketing?

The process of activating your Authentic Marketing begins with an evaluation of the effectiveness of those things that you are currently doing in order to generate more new business.
The first lesson of this class will help you assess where you are now. That’s the starting point of the journey to better marketing results.
In and of itself, this assessment will help you save time, money and effort.
Instead of struggling on your own to figure out what’s good and not-so-good about your marketing, the lesson will guide you through the process. 
By evaluating your marketing yourself, you save the time, money and hassle of that would otherwise be consumed when dealing with outside consultants or experts.
And besides, you know your business better than anyone else: why should you devote time, money and effort for a third party to tell you what can figure out for yourself?

 Optimize Your Environments for Success

If we don’t handle our messes, this clutter distracts us from becoming our true, authentic selves.
When you don’t handle your incompletes, they foster the limiting mindset: if I can’t handle this little thing, how am I ever going to accomplish my larger goals?
Like physical messes, social clutter drains energy, drags us down, holds us back from being our authentic best selves. 
Whatever holds us back from being our best selves also compromises our authentic marketing, which in turn limits our ability to generate more new business.
This class will help you clear the physical messes and social clutter that if ignored will handicap and limit the effectiveness of our marketing.
Like your current assessment, clearing your physical messes and social clutter will help you save time, money and energy.
Not only that, it will also reduce the stress of working around those obstacles that interrupt our actions and prevent from getting to where we want to be.

Living Your Life Purpose 

According to mega best-selling author Jack Canfield:
“We each have a unique purpose to fulfill here on Earth.
Identifying, acknowledging and honoring this purpose 
is perhaps the most important action successful people take. 
Without a purpose in life, it’s easy to get sidetracked 
and end up accomplishing very little. 
But with a purpose, everything seems to fall into place. 
The people, resources and opportunities that you need 
naturally gravitate to you. The world benefits, too, 
because when you act in alignment with your true, 
life purpose, all of your actions automatically serve others…
Success does not require struggle and suffering. 
It can be effortless, meaning that you are having fun 
while pursuing your goals, even when you are working.
When you are in the flow, you are on purpose….”
The third lesson of this class will help you find your life purpose.
Once you have clarified your life purpose, you can align your business, and by extension … your marketing … with it. 
 This alignment makes your marketing more authentic, which in turns positions you to attract more ideal clients by showcasing your best and true self.
As well as positioning yourself to make more money from the fees generated by more ideal clients, purposeful, driven authentic marketing will reduce distraction-triggered stress and increase satisfaction.
In other words, you can have fun while pursuing your goals, even when you are working incredibly hard…

A Fulfilling Vision of Your Ideal Life

When we create a vision of what we want … and write a clear description of our vision … our brains receive specific images of what to work towards
Having a clear vision guides our actions and decisions. 
It also helps keep us motivated along the way, just as beacons guide boats to their destinations.
Lesson 4 will help you refine your life purpose into a clear vision of what you want to achieve.
With a clear vision, you will save oodles of time, money, energy and eliminate even more stress.
Driven by your purpose, everything will fall into place. 
The resources are drawn to you, easily and naturally.
Think of how great will that feel…instead of struggling to make things happen, you are riding the wave to where you want to be … your fulfilling vision.

Your Sustainable Flow Of New Business

Everything that you will learn in this class will come together in the last lesson in which you identify your preferred marketing strategies and develop goals to help you realize your vision.
Effectively applying your preferred marketing strategies will help you develop that sustainable flow of new business that you want … and deserve.

Attract More Ideal Clients 

The Best Strategies for Marketing Services is a 10-lesson online course designed to help service professionals attract more ideal clients instead of chasing so-so leads.
By way of value-added bonus, 5 key lessons from from this course are included to help you jump-start your marketing.
In effect, these lesson will help you apply what you will learn in this Activate your Authentic Marketing class.
In combination,  you will learn what you need to know to attract more of the ideal clients you want ... and deserve.

Minimum Learning Time: Optimum Outcome

As a professional, you are constantly juggling competing demands upon your time and attention.  
The last thing you need is yet another time- and attention-draining educational program.
Rest assured that this class does not simply dump (too much) information in the form of overly long videos or text.
The course content features:
  • 5 Short Video Lessons (about 4-6 minutes each)
  • Self-Paced: take as little or as much time as you need ... whenever you choose
  • Self-Study Exercises: personalize and customize the strategies for your situation.
Research tells us that as adults we learn in one or more of three basic ways:
  • Hearing new information
  • ​ Seeing text and images that conveys new information
  • ​Applying new concepts, customizing them for your own situation
The online format of the class offers inter-rated learning opportunities.
Narrated slides enables you to see and hear new information: there are no boring talking heads or pages of dense text.
The workbook helps you apply new information and customize it for your own use.
All things considered, this class will help you learn what you need to know to make your marketing more authentic ... in as little time, with as much flexibility as possible.

Non-Financial Benefits

The class will also generate significant non-financial benefits.
You will have improved confidence in your ability to market your services.
You will enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming what had previously been a daunting challenge: generating new business.
All that you have to lose are those things well worth losing: anxiety, frustration and stress caused by having too few clients.
How much would you be willing to pay to have any or all of non-financial irritants reduced, if not totally eliminated?

An Investment-Not An Expense

The fee for this course is a tax-deductable business expense: money spent to generate revenue.
However, from your perspective, it's an investment: an investment in yourself, improving your ability to generate  more new business and by extension, more revenue.
Your actual ROI will depend upon how effectively you apply what you will learn in the course.
All things considered, a 20X ROI over 5 years would be reasonable.
Based on your $167 investment in this class, your 5-year ROI could be $3,340.  
But with reasonable effort, you can do much better than that.

 Activate Your Authentic Marketing ... Now!

Aren't you tired of struggling with marketing approaches that don't fit you or your services?
Isn’t it time that you showcased your best stuff and attracted more ideal clients?
If you answered yes to either both questions, now is the right time for you to market your services more authentically.
The time is right for you to start to generate that new business that you want and deserve.
Your financial investment in jumpstarting your authentic marketing is only $167.
Simply click the blue Activate My Authentic Marketing button for access to the class.
Once your order has been completed, you will have immediate access to the first lesson …even if it’s 1:47 AM.