More New Referrals Sooner:  How To Make It Happen
New referrals can and do come from a variety of sources. The best new referrals come from people who know you.

They are your prospecting matchmakers. They know, and can recommend you to the people whom you may not know but need to know.

Identify The Sources Of New Referrals

This book will help you identify the main sources of new referrals.

These are the people you know and who also know you.

Because these people know you, they will probably be willing, if not happy, to help you.

There are two ways in which they can help.

First, they know people you don't know.

And these other people might just need your help—if they knew about you and how you help people like them. Ideally, the people you know can connect you with people you don't know.

Once these connections have been made, you can start to build relationships leading to their becoming new clients.

Second, seeking new referrals from people you know will help you practice and enhance your referral-generating skills.

Even if they don't know potentially ideal clients, they can help you improve the manner in which you search for referrals.

In order to develop a sustainable flow of new business, you will need a large network of referral sources. The best approach to developing this network is to start by building upon existing relationships.

This book will help you identify those people who are most likely to help in your quest for more referrals. As a result, you will save time and energy while enjoying the help that you want and deserve.

What You Will Learn About Generating More Referrals
  •  ✔ How to Generate New Referrals
  •        It's not enough to know who to ask for referrals. It is also essential that we know how to ask for referrals. The key is to ask for referrals in such a way that we do not appear desperate, begging for new business.
  • This book will help you develop the right system for soliciting referrals easily and continuously. With this systematization, you can ensure that every referral opportunity is identified and pursued.
     Find and Act Upon New Referrals Opportunities
  •        Like networking opportunities, referral opportunities can and do arise spontaneously. We really don't know where our next individual or series of referrals will come from.
  • Unfortunately in our overly busy world, we tend to be so preoccupied with other concerns that we usually miss referral opportunities when they do arise.
  • By reading this eBook just once, you will have increased your awareness and ability to generate more referrals. In developing, implementing, then applying your referral system, you will dramatically enhance this awareness and ability.
    ✔ Developing & Implementing Your System
  •        It guides and supports you through a 21-day development and implementation process.
  •      Why 21 days?  Experts tell us that it takes 21 days to learn new skills.
  • This means that after following the Ebook's 21-day implementation process, you will have effectively learned the skills necessary to generate a sustainable flow of referrals.
  • And not only that, you will also have a referral system in place to ensure the continuous ongoing flow of referrals. What a great return on such a small investment of time!

What Readers Have Said ...

Best Practices in Generating Referrals

I found this book to be a very helpful source and overview of generating referrals.   

For people who are unsure how to generate referrals, this is a great book for you!  

And for people who have experience in generating referrals, it's a great reminder of the most effective ways in which to generate referrals.

Maggie Bolden

Fast, Concise Read That Will Help You Get Referrals Now!

Referrals are one of the best ways to acquire new clients.

This fast, concise read will help you grow your business now. 

Anthony Iannarino

Very Short and Very Helpful

I have read in large number of books on referrals, and I would consider this a good, solid, fundamental book on how to get more referrals.   

It's a good reminder for those of us that have studied the subject, it's a great introduction to people who are just learning how to generate referrals. 

You can read the book in just a short amount of time and the last several sections are on implementation. 

Good little book that will help you grow your business.

John B. Spence

Love The 14 parts And 21 Day Plan!

I love the way this ebook is broken up into 14 parts and how each part is explained thoroughly.  

Then it gives me the 21 day plan as a blueprint (in 15 minutes a day) and steps to get the work done to get the actual referrals. 

Debra J. Mosely

What I Like About Larry Easto ...

What I like about Larry Easto here in this book is that he is highly authentic and truly cares about making a difference to his audience. 

This is evident here with this book. 

 I highly recommend reading this book and following Larry with his other books and content available via his web site.

Amazon Customer

Start Developing Your Referral System - Now!
This book is the first step in the process of developing a sustainable, ongoing flow of referrals.

Once you download your copy of the book you can immediately start developing your own referral system.

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